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Ike and UFO'S


President Dwight David Eisenhower was elected in November of 1952 and took office in 1953. I graduated from high school in 1952 and joined the Air Force in 1953. We as a nation were involved in a policing action called the Korean Conflict. Some nations called it a Korean Civil War. Others called it a conflict between Communism and Free Nations. I went through Basic Training and my specialty courses in 1953 and was sent to George AF.B. outside Victorville, California. I served there from late 1953 to 1954. While I was there in 1954 Ike came to California supposedly to rest and play golf at Palm Springs. His plane was to land at Norton A.F.B., San Bernardino, California.


Norton AF.B. was an Air Material Command Base. It was not a large base and requested George AF.B. to send an ambulance to be on the flight line while their personnel were on Parade Duty honoring the President. A fiend of mine, Ben Luth, was sent with the ambulance to Norton for that purpose. When the President landed at Norton, he left immediately for Palmdale aboard a C-45. I did not know what-a C-45 was so I wanted to keep track of this airplane. What I could not understand was why he wanted to go to Palmdale. There was plenty of room and landing space for any size airplane. I thought the reason he landed at Norton was because the Palm Springs airport was too small for a big airplane. Of course he could have landed at March AF.B. which was at that time a SAC Base. I did not question his not wanting-to land at a SAC Base as no one in their right mind landed at a SAC Base if they had an option not to land there. Later I found out that a C-45 was a twin engined Beechcraft used to transport high raking officers short distances. An ideal plane to take Ike from Norton to Palm Springs. I still couldn't figure out his trip to Palmdale unless it was for a special purpose which was none of my business.


Some time after the New Year in the Spring I was sent to Holloman AF.B., New Mexico. I was at the Aero Medico Laboratory under the direction of Lt. Colonel John Paul Stapp M.D. Lt. Colonel Stapp was a Flight Surgeon, one of four on the base. After failing to keep some chicken eggs alive at the Aero Medical Research Lab. Office, I was sent to the Base Hospital I worked under the Flight Surgeon, Captain Robert Reiner, one of the best men 1have worked for or with in my entire life. 1liked him and enjoyed working at the hospital.


In late February of 1955, we heard that the President was coming to Holloman. I knew there was going to be an honor parade for him. Captain Reiner asked me if I wanted to participate in the parade. I said, "No." He said, "Fine. You will be on duty."


The Parade was scheduled for early in the morning. The day before it was to take place it was called off. Not only that, but I heard through the grape vine that the base commander had requested leave covering the time the president was to be visiting. I thought this was unusual. I would have stayed on the base if I was the commanding officer and the President was visiting.


The morning the parade was to take place, I went to work as usual. When I got there the nurse asked me, " Where is Dorsey?" I was about to tell her, "I do not know." When Dorothea Thorensen said, "He said he had to take his wife to the Commissary this morning. I saw him with her on the

way in this morning." When Dorsey showed up he asked me." Kirklin, did you see the disc hovering

over the flight line?"


''''No.'' I am thinking something small you hold in your hand like a discus as the only craft I knew capable of hovering were the choppers and the Navy's hovercraft. There weren't that many helicopters around Holloman. "What's it made of?" I am thinking of a wooden disc with a steel edge. "Looks like polished stainless steel or aluminum. You know just bright metallic and shiny."

I asked, "How big is it?"

"Twenty to Thirty feet in diameter. Do you want to see it?"

"Sure. But with my luck it wouldn't be there."

Dorsey replied. "It was there when I took my wife to the Commissary and it was

there when we got out thirty minutes later. Go out to the front of the hospital and take a look.”

"I would like to do that." I turned and asked the nurse if I could go to the street and look at the disc. She turned asking the Doctor and then turned to me and said. "No. Stay here." Later on I went to Coffee at the mess hall. On the way back I followed two pilots. The one on the left was in Khakis, the one on the right in winter Blues. I followed them and listened to their conversation.


Left: " Why the Blues?"

Right: "I'm the Officer of the Day, I was at Base Ops when Air Force 1 came in. Did you see it?"

L. "Yes. It's a big bird isn't it?"

R "Yes. They landed and turned around and stayed on the active runway. We turned off the RADAR and waited."

L. "Why did you turn off the RADAR?"

R. "Because we were told to. I think the one at Roswell that came down was hit by Doppler Radar. It was one of the first installations to have it in the U.S. Anyway, they came in low over the mountains, across the Proving Grounds.

Interrupted by L. " I heard there were three and one landed at the Monument."

R "One might have stayed at the Monument. I didn't see it. I only saw two. One hovered over head like it was protecting the other one. The other one landed on the active in front of his plane. He got out of his plane and went towards it. A door opened and he went inside for forty or forty -five minutes."

L. "Could you see? Where they Grays?"

R. "1 don't know. They might have been. I couldn't see them. I didn't have binoculars."

L. "Who had them?"

R. " The tower."

L. "Could they see them?"

R. "No, they didn't have the angle."

L. "Do you think these were the same ones that were in Palmdale last year?"

R. "They might have been."

L. "Did you see the autopsy film?"

L. "Do you think it was real?"

R. "It might have been. I just don't know."

L. "Did you see them when he came out?"

R. "No. They stayed inside. He shook hands with them and went back to his plane."


At this point I asked them, "Who did? Are you pilots?"

L. "It's, not important."

They coved their badges and I was not able to see their names. But I did see their wings. They were both pilots.


Later about eleven fifteen I went to pick up mail. A new 2nd.Lt. Supply officer saw me and said, "I've been looking for you. Did you see anything on the flight line?"


I said, "No. Did something happen?" I thought there might have been an accident and, they might want me down there.

"Never mind."


After lunch I returned to work and both Dorthea and the nurse asked if I had seen Dorsey. I told both of them "No. Sometimes he is a little late coming back from lunch if we don't have many physicals." When coffee break came I walked down the hall and saw Dorsey coming in about two thirty. I told him that both Dorthea and the nurse were looking for him and asked him,

"Where have you been?"

He said, "At a meeting."

"Well tell them you're back. I'm off for coffee."


After work I was in my barracks room when I was called out to see Air Force One fly overhead. It flew over the residential area of the base. This is a NO FLYING zone for all military aircraft. Only the President could get away with it. After supper I saw the lights that were still on in the Flight Surgeon's Office and went over to turn them off. I saw Dr Reiner talking to a Lt. Col.. The Colonel was talking: "He was at the supply hanger. I was there in the front with him and some others. I was on the stage. There was standing room only with 225 men in the hanger."


Reiner. "I heard that he was at the base theater."

Lt. Col. "He might have been. He only spoke for a few minutes. Then the base Commander spoke for about twenty minutes. He had plenty of time to go to the base theater and get back."

Dr. R. "How many did he talk to?"

Lt. C. "I was there for two sessions standing room only. 225 each time. There might have been another session but I wasn't there if he spoke then."

I asked, "Who spoke?"

Lt. Col. "The Commander in Chief"

I said, "The President."

Lt. Col. "The Commander in Chief."

I asked, "What did he talk about?"

Lt. Col. "It's classified."





I said, "Oh."

Lt. Col. "What do you mean by 'Oh?'''

"It is none of my business. I am only cleared to secret."

Lt. Col. "I would not say that if l were you."


The next day some friends and I tried to get into the back part of the White Sands Monument. We couldn't go all the way back as there were barriers up. But the next day we could and did drive back there. About three months later just before I went overseas to Japan, I was talking to a bunch of Airmen. I told them, "I have never heard a President talk in person. Had any of them ever heard one?"

One answered, "Yep."

I asked, "Who?"

He said, "Eisenhower."

"Where?" I asked.

"At the Base Theater?" he replied.


I had forgotten this until about eight years ago when I heard Bob O'Day in Kansas City. He gave a talk on UFOs and spoke about a crew member aboard Air Force 1who said, "Eisenhower landed at Holloman A.F.B. and went aboard a UFO." I remembered I was there when he was there. I became a believer.


I have a friend Allen Nathan. His brother is Dr. Robert Nathan. I told Allen about my Holloman experience. HE TOLD HIS BROTHER AND HIS BROTHER CALLED ME. His brother has a PHD. works at JPL and is an image display and special effect expert. He is often used to explain UFO sightings as bunk. He listened and said it was an interesting occurrence. He would find out the base commander's name and what took place in February 1955. Allen told me his brother called the commanding officer and left a message asking about this incident. The Base commander of Holloman A.F.B. in 1955 has never returned the call.


Another friend of mine, Barbara Mehnert, Ph.D., went to Eisenhower's Library in Abilene, Kansas. She talked to the Archivist asking him, "Is there anything here about UFOs?"

"Yes, but it hasn't been released yet." From this I believe anyone seeing this at Holloman took an oath not to reveal that the ‘President was there and what they had seen. The information is classified at least as TOP SECRET and possibly higher. This took place in February 1955.





Editorial Note – Michael E. Salla, Ph.D, Chief Editor, Exopolitics Journal, March 23, 2007


‘Wilbert’ is a pseudonym for the individual who witnessed the above events, and who does not wish for his identity to become public. I first became aware of Wilbert’s testimony in December 2005 when his name and testimony were passed on to me. To substantiate his claims, Wilbert gave me permission to request and receive his entire military service record. I was therefore able to verify his time at both Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico and George AFB, California where he officially served at the Air Force Hospital. He served at George AFB from November 2, 1953 until February 28, 1954; and at Holloman AFB from March 1, 1954 until August 5, 1955. His military record prove that he was cleared up to the level of ‘Secret’ in terms of security classification. Additional investigation has also been able to verify his friendship with Ben Luth who claimed to have witnessed President Eisenhower secretly boarding a C-45 Beechcraft twin engine plane to go to Palmdale, CA., which is adjacent to Edwards Air Force Base. It should be noted that President Eisenhower visited Palms Springs from February 17 to 24, 1954, and went missing on the evening of Feb 20. It was subsequently found that his apparent emergency visit to a dentist was a cover story. [See: http://exopolitics.org/Study-Paper-8.htm]


Wilbert’s time at George AFB overlapped with Eisenhower’s visit to Palm Springs, making him privy to information on where Eisenhower traveled to, based directly on his professional medical duties and knowledge of those providing standby medical services for Eisenhower’s secret air flight. The statements made by Wilbert are consistent with his military service records insofar as he was stationed at the places he claims and therefore may have witnessed events associated with President Eisenhower meeting with extraterrestrial visitors both at Edwards AFB in 1954, and Holloman AFB in 1955. His testimony concerning the Holloman AFB base visit in 1955 is most significant since it is the first case of a witness coming forward to reveal this possible meeting between President Eisenhower and extraterrestrials. Based on documentary evidence and investigations conducted so far Wilbert’s testimony has been corroborated to an extent that his claims are credible. Further investigation is underway to corroborate more of Wilbert’s testimony.


I thank Steve Natale in assisting in investigating Wilbert’s claims, and Arthur Campbell for initially alerting me to this important case.