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VIP at a Florida Fundraiser 

by Donald M. Ware (Lt Col. ret.) 

4 December 2006


Jim Sparks drew a record crowd for his lecture, “The Star People,” at the Unlimited Horizon’s meeting in Navarre, Florida on 13 Jan 02.  He described six years of conditioning as a reluctant student of an alien language.  Then he became more cooperative, and he was encouraged to take an active role in comforting other less-experienced students.  His cooperation was rewarded by a gift in a black box, the tar from his lungs accumulated after many years as a heavy smoker.  He has since met some of the other human students in his normal life.  They were all shown vivid images from our lovely planet that turned ugly as they repeatedly received the telepathic message, “You are killing your planet.  Your planet is dying.”


One of Sparks’ most profound alien encounters was when a very important person at a Florida fundraiser touched him.  He was a bit nervous about talking about this experience, so he waited until we were on the way home in the car before he related it to me.  I felt it was important information for truthseekers, so I summarized his story and got his permission to print it.  This is a case of aliens among us.


After many years of alien encounters Sparks found that his psychic awareness was enhanced.  Stronger telepathic ability, both in words and visions, seemed to be a residual effect of the encounters.  He also felt the energies surrounding the aliens.  The energies of the taller supervisor types were sometimes overpowering, much stronger than the energies projected by the “worker beans.” 


When Sparks [photo on right] was working as a waiter in Florida he felt a strange compulsion to apply for a similar job at a very ritzy Country Club.  A year later he was hired and trained.  He worked in a tuxedo and served many very wealthy people.  Some of the events he worked were in private mansions with hundreds of guests.  It was at a 1998 fundraising event for a children’s hospital at the Country Club, with 800 attending, that the profound event occurred.  Part of the entertainment for this event included several impersonators of famous people such as Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra. 


While waiting at the bar counter to have an order filled he got a vision of a VIP arriving with several accompanying security guards.  As the group came into the building, he could feel the familiar energy of a supervisor-type alien getting stronger.  He heard a strong telepathic message to support the children’s hospital, and he was certain others received the message.  The man entered the room rapidly, followed by his security team.  He looked like a supervisor-type alien; about 5-ft tall, large cranium, oval black eyes, thin chin and light skin.  People turned to watch him. Most people thought it was a human in a mask, but some seemed to recognize his energy and seek his blessing as he passed.  His body was lean and graceful, and he walked like the aliens on the ships.  He walked straight to Jim Sparks, the bar waiter, and touched him on the shoulder.  As he was touched, Sparks got a telepathic message thanking him for being a teacher about humans and their emotions.  Sparks said he felt that this was a reward for his agreeing to participate in their encounter programs.  He quit his job after that night, knowing that setting up this encounter with a powerful alien in our society is why he felt compelled to work there. 


This seems to be one case of an alien choosing the right time and place to mingle with humans in our 3rd-density society.  I wonder how often this mingling of species occurs.


I wrote the story above in January 2002.  Since then Jim published The Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race.  I borrow some words from the back cover of the book:

“Jim Sparks has been taught by aliens since 1988.  What makes his story different is that he has conscious memories of his interactions with them. This conscious awareness gave him clear memories of their technology, their actions and what they say their purposes are.


“As a result of his interactions, he gained psychic and telepathic abilities and became aware of the multidimensional aspects of reality.


“He was given a message for humanity: ‘Your Planet is Dying!’  During one abduction, Jim clearly heard a voice say, ‘The Keepers are here to take their people home to a better place.’  Then he was shown a place with every imaginable plant, animal, and seed juxtaposed with images of the destruction of Earth.  It became very clear that the ETs may be more worried about our planet’s survival than we are.  He realized that we are truly ‘all in this together,’ and he was moved to action.”


I had the pleasure of spending a week at the International UFO Congress with Charles Hall who documented his story in three volumes of Millennial Hospitality.  While working as the US Air Force weatherman at Indian Springs AFB, Nevada in 1965 to 1967, he had verbal orders giving him access to restricted areas 53 and 54 east of the now famous Area 51.  Hall said that the “Tall White” aliens living there used him to learn about the thought processes, actions, and energies of humans, before they entered negotiations with US Generals and others, or chose to take “rest and recreation” visits to Las Vegas.  He said that their mother-ships would land in Area 54 for two weeks for re-supply giving some of the crew used their free time to explore.  He named the company that had the re-supply contract, and he said that that the CIA arranged for them to stay in a wing of the Stardust hotel.  At that time CIA agents watched over these disguised aliens to keep them out of trouble.


Now Jim Sparks, who lives in Las Vegas, sometimes finds himself sitting at a casino bar with a disguised alien sitting beside him and communicating with him telepathically.  They apparently know that he has been taught to be a better communicator.  Sparks told me that one alien was part a two-alien team in that casino to keep other alien first-time visitors out of trouble.  I have had three Air Force tours at Nellis AFB, so I know there are many strange people from all over the world in Las Vegas.  This is really strange.  It appears that in the last 40 years aliens have learned to perform some of the tasks that our secret government agents once performed.  Our societies are coming together in ways that most people can hardly imagine.



About the author: Lt.Col. Donald Ware (Ret) received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University in 1957 and an MS in Nuclear Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology in 1970. He retired from the U.S. Air Force at the end of 1982 with wide experience as a fighter pilot, staff scientist, teacher, test manager, and programs manager. He has observed alien vehicles nine times starting with the famous sighting over Washington D.C. on 26 Jul 52. Since retirement, Mr. Ware has spent most of his time studying the persistent mysteries of mankind. He is currently on the board of the International UFO Congress and an Advisory Board member of the Exopolitics Institute. Main website: http://home.earthlink.net/~donware