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World Peace and Dawn of a New Age – Pt 2

Phillip Corso, Jr.
Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace Conference
Sponsored by the Exopolitics Institute
Kailua-Kona Hawaii
10 June, 2006
PC = Phillip Corso
Q = audience questioner
[Transcribed by Gesan LahMan. ___ [underlined words] = speaker’s own stressed words. Italicized words indicate a specific term used by the speaker. All attempts have been made to transcribe this material as accurately as possible.]
Q: Hi Phil. I have a question about time, too. In April, I spent 3 weeks with a really exceptional contactee, Hector Palacios down in Mexico. He has been having contact for about forty years. Long ago started talking about the Earth being taken out of its timestream. Then I heard, at the X-Conference 3 years ago, that you brought up this issue, and that your father had information on this topic. So could you talk a little bit about what the ETs told your father about the Earth being taken out of the timestream in order to protect it, and then that it would be inserted back in?
PC: I don’t know anything about the Earth going in and out of the timestream. But what I can help you on, possibly, is understanding a little bit about time. First of all, dad said that we have had time travel for a long time. The Philadelphia Experiment did happen. It did not happen as Hollywood said it happened. Dad actually had the power to declassify a report. So that was pretty neat. He declassified a report, and I had it in my hand. He also said that this was not a fluke, like Hollywood said. Actually Einstein worked on it. Einstein was just as much a part of that as he was the atomic bomb.
Now, the time travel of the Eldridge – that was the ship that they used in the very beginning – it was for the purpose of not moving the ship, that was an accident, which did happen because we didn’t have very good control and we didn’t understand it too much in those days. The German mines – they had a magnetic mine. It would wait until the lead ships would go over [the mine], and then the second, third or fourth ship, it [the mine] would come up in the middle, and not get just that ship, it would get the whole convoy almost, any ship that was immediately around because they huddled close together. It was going to wipe us out. So, dad knew of this project. He had debriefs on the project. It would actually move the mine about 500 yards through time, out to the sides, as the convoys would pass over it. It was very successful.
It’s done with counter-rotating magnetic fields, the same way that the [space] ship is built. He told me that it was made out of 6 layers of skin and each one used a counter-rotating [field]. There is a frequency for the Earth. He left me that [information]. I also have been fortunate enough, or unfortunate enough, at the Fort Walton Beach [conference] which was a complete bust and I thought it was the most horrible thing I had ever done in my life. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the people. I didn’t like anything that went on.
But the next day I just happened to have walked back in and there stood a man that I met, and his name is Phil Bailey and he’s ex-Air Force, in charge of black projects. He clued me in that I’d better cool it and be careful. He’s still a very dear friend. But, Phil let us know that time travel within the Air Force has also been one of their priorities. He introduced me to a man named Mr. Beckworth. Mr. Beckworth is a millionaire, and he builds transformers. He built them for the Aurora Project. He works for the military very closely. He was very much a part of the time travel [project] of the Philadelphia Experiment.
Now, we were tricked by Phil, because if he had told me where I was going, Liz and I wouldn’t have gone. So we walk into this room and there’s a long table, about from here to the end of the stage, and there’s all these people sitting there. I said, “What’s going on?”And Phil said, “Well, you sit here at the head of the table.” “OK,” I said and go along with this. Funding men from the Pentagon, religious people, so on and so on and so on, were sitting at this table. I wondered, What do they want?
Well, they wanted to know about time travel. What they got out of me was absolute zero at the time because I was not talking. Sitting at that table, because I was so upset I found out that I had an ability, that I didn’t know that I had. I literally could hear every word they were saying in their heads. I don’t know why. I don’t know why it came out there. Maybe it was one of them. Maybe there was a remote viewer. Maybe there was a religious psychic. I don’t know what it was.
I finally asked them, “Mr. Beckworth, do you know anything about the Hopi Indians?” He says, “Oh, my God!” He gets up and goes in the other room. He’s friends with them, every one of them. He has paintings on the wall, and such like that. So he takes me into another room and shows me a little machine that he wanted introduced to all universities where people could understand time travel. It’s very simple. You started it up and it disappeared. He has notes written on it, and such like that. Well, it will never happen, not in our lifetimes. That’s what I believe. So, yes. There is time travel. Time travel is not that difficult to achieve. It’s been achieved through nature, accidentally.
By the way, it’s very important to know; ET comes here, my dad says, for the atomic bomb. My dad was very good friends with Oppenheimer. He was very good friends with him. This is my dad’s words now – I shouldn’t even say that. He’s speaking [from the spirit side]. He says, “Phil, we should have known, after the very first atomic bomb test, that when that mushroom cloud went up there’s a focal point that comes down through the center of the Earth and comes out the other side, and it [the explosion] completely destroys our magnetic environment. It goes all the way out to the Van Allen Belt.”
They also – even though they didn’t know string theory, but they knew that there’s other dimensions, they said they figured out that the missing mass. You see, at first they thought they were going to blow up the whole Earth, with the first atomic weapon that went off. They just weren’t sure. But they found out after the first test that there was missing mass. Well, the main part of the explosion takes part in another dimension. That’s what ET’s upset about! Not that it takes place in our space. Our space is a terrible place anyway. We have pulsars and we all types of objects running out of there with tremendous energy. It doesn’t make any difference if another little pea falls into the pot. But, in the other dimension it’s very disturbing because you we don’t know what’s taking place there.
The Air Force has a lot of trouble right now. You see. I told you not to get me started [chuckles]. The Air Force has a lot of trouble with time travel. It’s not that you go back, and have the paradox of killing your father, because you return to another [time]. First of all, man cannot travel back in time. That’s what the little clones are for. There’s another race that no one has talked about, and that’s the clones that were created here on this planet to be sent back in time because man – we -- do not know how to travel through time yet. We instantly die. They’ve tried. The Eldridge was part of the terrible experiment. And yes, it did happen. Dad says they were in the metal, and such. But here’s what the Air Force has trouble with. In order to travel through time, it’s not like an airplane -- that you get in an airplane and you go from point A to B. You must have a purpose, and it must be benevolent purpose, because if it’s not you come back with all types of baggage! Now, who comes back? The little clones come back.
Dad says there’s 2 brains, separately. Not 2 hemispheres. One is laced with integrated circuits. It’s all in here [hold’s up Dawn of a New Age]; the other one is the brain for the little thing to navigate and move around with and apply his energy. Now, back engineering, boy, is it a 2-sided sword! Have any of you seen the movie “Star Trek V”, where he goes back and gets the whales, and they bring them back? And Scotty’s sitting there, and he needs the matrix of plexiglass made up. He’s sitting there and he cracks his knuckles, and says, “Oh, how quaint!” You have to type, rather than talk to the computer. So he’s typing in the matrix for transparent aluminum. And Sulu’s standing there beside him and says, “You know the Prime Directive. You’re breaking it.” And Scotty turns to him and says, “Well, how do you know he didn’t invent the damn thing anyway?”
Well, that’s what reverse engineering is. How do you know that we didn’t make the craft and send it back anyway? Because, I assure you, I know more about this than anyone on the planet, except for the military, that it is possible, within not too much longer, to build a craft and send it back to that time. So, how do you know that we didn’t do it anyway? Now, that boggles the human mind. You say, are we caught in a time-loop? and you start saying all this and that.
Everything that you know about time is wrong! Everything! Time, to explain it in a nutshell to you, it’s digital and it moves sideways. Everything that takes place in this universe is taking place simultaneously, right at this moment. Everything. Your birth, your death – no such thing! You already know that. Now, we are such limited Beings that we see ourselves as moving from birth to death. We also know, and everyone in this room knows, that there is no death -- you just simply have transformed your energy into another dimension or another state. It’s pretty much up to you what you want to do with it, how well you achieve. And that’s why I say “benevolent travel”. So, they did have trouble at that table with their travel. Their travel has run into trouble. They are in trouble because they lack good pilots. Play on that word for a minute – good pilots. OK. More questions. I’ve got to get off the subject. Did that answer anything, or help? …
Q: One more short question about time.
PC: OK. You know, I’m doing like that guy channeling last night [Daryl Anka chaneling Bashar]. Why am I doing that? Stop that. I didn’t believe in that. [chuckling] I’m going to sit down. OK, Dad? [Speaking to his deceased father and laughing.] He kicked me! Maybe I got a lot to learn. Yes. You’ve got to rearrange the camera?
Q: Yes. Back to the Roswell incident. I understand from your lecture at the X-Conference, that apparently there were craft observing the Trinity tests, in July of 1945, there were 2 or 3 craft. I know there were like 4 crashes in New Mexico in 1947. But that those craft were on a different timeline than we’re on. Something having to do with that first Trinity blast that most of the scientists thought it would get into the atmosphere and destroy the Earth, that they were observing that craft and something blasted them out of the sky. On their timeline it might have been only 10 or 15 seconds for them to crash to the ground, but on our timeline, from July 1945 to July 1947, in our timeline it took them 2 years for them to actually hit the ground. Is that right?
PC: Well, you got the right idea. I could tell you exactly how it happened, because my father told me. And the military knows this. The craft came through in 1947, but it also came through in 1957 in Corona. Most of the debris field was left in Roswell, and the craft was actually left in 1957. So basically, what you’re saying is absolutely true. What brought it down? I don’t think anyone in this room really knows. I mentioned it maybe long ago at the Fort Walton Beach. But I’ll tell you again, my father told me what brought it down. They had an extremely powerful radar that locked onto the Nikies and the Nikie Ajax, and it was a pencil beam. That’s how concentrated it was. Big test tubes, computers that were datapods, dad said, that were non-electronics. It was very crude stuff, so it was very high-powered. When he would aim this thing at an aircat – which is the drone that they fired their missiles at – it would actually bring it down. So, you’ve heard that a lightning storm was taking place that night that the ship came down, and all that type of hooey. But actually they know they brought it down with their radar locking onto it. Yes.
same Q: And was there an actual craft crash in ’45, too?
PC: No. In ’47 and ’57. Now, think about ’57. Put the pieces together. What did my dad see in the desert?
[audience voice]: What did he see? [other audience voice]: The craft.
PC: The encounter. OK. Now I’m giving away the jelly beans. But, yes. My father knows just about everything. Was he put into these positions, chosen into these positions, and such? Yes. But you know, this is a peace conference. I would really like to tell you a few things about my father through his career, real quick, if I may, and then we’ll go back to the questions. I just thought of this. I think he wants this brought out now. My dad began as a dirt soldier, drafted. It’s in the new book, too, and I find it very interesting because I didn’t know this. He had such a high IQ. 180-something in those days was pretty high. When he scored on a test for the military, his draftee said, “Come here, son, we’re going to make you an officer now.” So, he goes over to England, and he did so well. We had no intelligence program at that time, so they put him into the British MI-4. He went to Cambridge University and learned how the British would say, “how green our ally”. Dad would always say that, you know. He came back, then went to Ft. Raleigh, Kansas, where he saw the EBE bodies in the caskets.
Now, Dad was not in Roswell. That’s what I want you all to know. He was not a part of Roswell, and retrieving it, and such like that. The first ones he saw was in Ft. Riley in the little boxes. He headed up and began and founded our intelligence schools there. We had none even after the war. Then he went to Korea and became an intelligence officer for MacArthur. Since he had the photographic memory, he interrogated 2,000 prisoners himself. MacArthur sent him up and put him on the Pammunjom Peace Talks. Dad says they were characters. He says every time he would come into [the room], whoever raised his flag, he would make a flag an inch taller than theirs. The next day they’d come in with theirs an inch taller. So the flags were growing on the table, you know.
Dad said one time he walked in and sat at the table, and they knew he had them, so they were ready to sign the Peace Treaty. Because of the prisoners that he would interrogate, he would take everything as being true and then disprove it, rather than try to make a decision that it wasn’t true. They knew how to defeat themselves, like most enemies did. To make a long story short, they dropped a torpedo with a time-delay. They couldn’t blow up the earth damns that held the rice back because they were a quarter mile wide, and such. And the delayed torpedo that was shallow-running, would run into the earth. Then they’d plant 10 or 12 of these things in there and they’d blow, blow, blow, blow. So, anyway, the war ended, not just because of my father, because there were thousands of men there. But he was instrumental, and he was the first Army officer ever to be put onto the Air Force Targeting Board during that time because he was so [good] at picking the targets from the interrogation. So, dad did that for peace. I think everyone should know.
The next thing he did for peace comes years after that. Since he had Colonel North’s job and was on the White House staff with Eisenhower, as liaison between Chief of Staffs and Capitol Hill, he was in charge of interpreting U2 photos. When the photos came through, he saw the missile silos for Cuba on there, took it to Bobby Kennedy. Bobby Kennedy, the Attorney General, says, “Uh-uh. My brother’s up for election. Put that back away.” So, dad was pretty slick at the time. He had his own little secret covert army, you might say. There was a lot of maladjusted people on Capitol Hill and he instantly recruited them all. He made a deal. That went on Kennedy’s desk, after it was released. A friend of his named -- What was that name, Dad? [speaking to his deceased father.] -- Frank Han, took the report to Jean Dixon. Jean Dixon released it to the newspaper. The FBI came running into Jean Dixon’s and was going to arrest her. They said, “Where did you get this information?” “I saw it in a crystal ball,” she said. [audience laughter]
So, actually my dad could be tried for treason, probably, for such things. It was a very hot subject. Luckily we weren’t at war and luckily that it wasn’t traceable back to my father. But, just think about it. If the Cuban missile crisis had not been released, like Kennedy didn’t want it released. Now that’s the part of history no one knows, and that’s why we will not print the book, “The Day After Dallas”. It just will not happen in our lifetime. There’s still 50 people alive that can be embarrassed by it. Dad was Senate Internal Investigator for Senator Russell, that investigated the Warren Commission which investigated Kennedy’s death. It’s still classified and it will remain classified for the next 50 years, probably. So, anyway, enough said on that subject. I will never speak on that subject again. That’s as much as I will say on it. Go ahead. [speaking to the next questioner]
Q: Thank you. I just had what Opera calls an ah-ha moment. I have been loosing keys that just disappear from me, and other objects too. I know they go into a 6th dimension. I just got [psychically] that wherever they go, it’s the 6th dimension.
PC: You’re very good, because my father speaks of the 6th dimension in the book.
same Q: Yeah. I was just told. We all channel. You channel your father. You channel all kinds of information and it’s being brought to your fingertips. We all channel.
PC: Well, probably so because I just lost a very important paper and if the gremlins didn’t get it then it’s in the 6th dimension. [audience laughter]. I’m not making jokes. I’m not making jokes. You could be right. You could be absolutely right.
[audience voice]: Ask your father for it back.
PC: It was meant to be here. I promised it to Paul Hellyer. But, it disappeared. I don’t know where it’s at. Before I came here I opened up Dad’s black bag and there it was on top. Maybe I’ll find it again. Those things do happen.
Q: Just a quick question on time. If it’s hard to go back into the past, does that same prohibition or difficulty occur going into the future? At least from my conception, how do you go to the future, and how do you know which one, and how does it exist if it ain’t here yet, and so on and so forth? Where’s free will in all that?
PC: Well, you don’t need to go to the future, because if someone comes back from the future it’s the same thing – they’re going to bring the knowledge with them. So, according to Einstein relativity theory you can only go backwards. You can look back into the big bang and it’s still there, and so is our Earth. But remember, our Earth is moving through space at some 350-something thousand miles per hour, so we’re going into new territory all the time. Another part of time travel that most people don’t think about is this. I have an affinity with machines, and it says that in the book, too. My dad mentions it, saying to General Trudeau, “I think my boy is nuts because he says engines talk to him.” Well, I can tell a motor anything. Anything that’s wrong with a motor, I just instantly pick it up. Even if the car’s in front of me, I can tell. It’s just the way I was born. I wire airplanes and have no idea how I did it. That’s not true. I did it because I have already done it before.
We’re all born with all the knowledge we ever need. God could not create you any less than what he is. You would not want your children to be any less than you. You want them to be more than you. So, this being said, every time you read a book, you’re not learning anything in that book. You’re learning how to extract the information from your brain. It’s there. Now you might say, “Science says the neurons haven’t been put together on a baby. They don’t come together until a certain age,” and dot, dot, dot, dot. They don’t know diddly about the brain, believe me.
First of all, there would be no travel in space, Dad says in the book, too. NASA’s known this for a long time. I dubbed the word friendly space. Friendly space means within the magnetic field of the Van Allen Belt, which is 22,000 miles out, and the field of the moon. They, NASA, have never once sent an astronaut outside of the magnetic field because they know, and Dad knew, and General Trudeau knew, it’s instant death. As soon as it [the brain] moves out of the Earth’s sphere, it’s like a light switch – out, finished, all she wrote.
So, we will never travel to Mars. We will never travel anywhere. It will not happen. NASA now talks about putting 6 feet of moon dust to shield …. Now, man will travel when he gets a field-density device, which is anti-gravity, which is an artificial field, which is a self-contained entity within itself. Do I know how to build it? Absolutely. Did dad? Was he in contact with world renowned scientists, and they figured out from the Roswell craft how it worked? They knew far more about that craft than can be imagined. And yes, it’s there. Yes, it’s possible. And yes, it probably will be done. And like Scotty, yeah, maybe I did invent the dame thing anyway. So, we’ll find out. It’s very interesting. But I take it with a grain of salt. If it doesn’t happen, that’s OK too. I’ll go back to building my airplanes and make lots of money and everything’s happy.
So, next question.
Q: Hi. I heard your father speak at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment some years ago. My question for you has to do with technology… Ramtha basically has said that the spacecraft of the future has nothing to do with metal or anything so antiquated, but is about a membrane.
PC: Absolutely.
same Q: That it is a membrane that is alive, it is an extension of our mind, and we are the pilot, and it is a self-protecting system; that no one will get anywhere unless they’re consistent with the consciousness to be there.
PC: OK. Reverse engineering. You’re absolutely correct. Did I cut you off?
same Q: No. My question is, do you know [about this], from your father anything? Can you elaborate more on that?
PC: Yeah, I’m so excited to elaborate that I cut you off. I’m sorry.
[audience laughter]
PC: In fact, I work with advanced composites every day. I just made a new de-icing stall strip based upon the technology that my father left. It’s highly successful. We’re making our first million dollars, and everything’s great. My sons are back at the hangar building, as I am here. We have a patent on them, and we have an STC with the FAA on them, and it’s highly successful. It is putting current through the skin of semi-conducting carbons with special resins, and such like that. But metal is involved.
I also get Composite magazine, and I read some of the latest stuff that’s being done. Right now we have tubes, and these tubes have the matrix of what we would call DNA, but it’s not DNA, it’s the matrix of molecular structure. The tubes are grown, and they’re going to use them to make giant domes with. They’re self-healing. So, yes, we’re already there. See what reverse engineering does? It’s the darnedest thing. Yes, the ship, my dad says in the book, as soon as the little EBE came out of the influence of the field of the ship he began dying. He was propagated on the electromagnetism of the ship in the revolving 6 layers of fields.
So, is the ship alive? Time will tell. I would say that if, um …. OK, Dad [speaking to his deceased father and chuckles]. The integrated circuit, dad says, when he and General Trudeau had the first one – the charred chip – they knew right then and there, by touching it, that it was a living entity. So, your computer that you throw on the floor, and you burn up, and such, you better watch it because someday it might get mad at you for doing such a thing!
[audience laughter]
PC: Anyone that works around the equipment, knows that they interface their minds with that computer because they’re putting their minds into it. Also, a real quick theory here that maybe hasn’t been talked about. Let’s say that a group men invented a television set. I’m going to just put this in real general terms. Say the television set is sent back to caveman days. OK? And the caveman has everything there that they need – a generator, the alternating current, the 60 hertz. And they plug this in, and they click the thing and it doesn’t come on. Why doesn’t it come on? Does anyone know?
[reply form the audience]: No channel.
PC: Well, no, [because] you have broadcast, and the DVD, and everything you’d need that would be in this timeline to make it come on. But they click it and it doesn’t come on. Well, here’s the reason why. The minds that created that television are not there. So it doesn’t work. Now, the Earth is not finished evolving. It’s an egg. The embryo is still growing. The technology is only just here within the last 50 years to make that television. My father saw the very first one at the World Fair in New York. So, right now, the technology to make the ship alive is coming. The Earth hasn’t evolved that far yet. Now, what evolves the Earth? Of course we all know it’s us. We evolve the Earth. So, the ship will be an extension of us.
same Q: So what you’re talking about is group consciousness?
PC: Absolutely. Yes. They had a group of EBEs in the ship. There were 6. But you mean the group consciousness of the entire world?
same Q: Well, the caveman example that you gave. The group consciousness didn’t exist for the television to work?
PC: No. It’s that the people that made it with their minds, that invented everything [weren’t there], because at that time the Earth had evolved 50 years ago, enough to make television. Could television be made prior to that? No, because all the matrix were not there from those people’s minds that invented the television.
same Q: So, how’s that different than group consciousness?
PC: Well, what do you mean by group consciousness? I’m lost. You mean the sum total of every 6 billion people on Earth?
same Q: Yeah.
PC: Group consciousness is very important, but remember, each group wants a different thing. You, certainly, want something different than somebody that’s planning a war in the Pentagon right now. So, group consciousness is many, many, many, many groups.
same Q: Collective consciousness. That’s what I mean.
PC: Yes. Collective consciousness, if there’s enough. The Earth is flat if everyone’s says it’s flat. That’s the way it is. If everyone says the Earth is round then it’s going to be round. It might be a triangle next year. But, it matters. It matters what everyone thinks, if that’s what you’re saying. Yes, it does. Most definitely.
[voice in the audience]: I often feel that way about airplanes. They only work because we have a group consciousness that says they work.
PC: Yes. When I’m building an aircraft, at a certain point, it becomes alive. I don’t know where that point is, but all of a sudden it becomes a living entity to me. And I love it! I love it as much as I love my wife. She says I love my cars more. But that’s a man thing. You just have to be a man to understand that part of it. We like shining, and curves. We’ll rub the women once in a while, you know, but …. [chuckles]. Yes, sir.
Q: This question’s a time warp question. You mentioned God a few minutes and said God didn’t create us in such and such a way. Correct?
PC: Yes.
same Q: In your father’s experience with this different type of encounter, of a [different] reality, did he become an atheist or did it affirm his religious belief? And what is the role of religion in all of this?
PC: Well, it’s very big in all of this. Very big. If you noticed last [night], when the fellow was channeling, I got up and asked a question, “Can I have one of his ships?” And he said, “Come get it.” Then I asked him if he’s a pilot. Because if he’s a pilot he should bring it to me, but, I didn’t go that far. But, yes, I said “benevolent”. In other words, time travel has to be benevolent.
Was my father religious? My father very, very Catholic. I remember as a young man, seeing him opening up his little tiny book and reading it every single night. Then he quit, entirely, for some reason. For years. When he came back to live with us, my wife and I were then riding with the Christian Motorcycle Association. We were, you might say, hunting for a religion at the time, let’s say that. I told my father, “Dad, I always appreciated you for what you did by reading that little book.” Then he started again. So, yes, my father died as a religious man.
But I will tell you this – I’ve never said this before, but you bring up the subject. He died that morning. Before then, he came out of his room, and he had drawn a picture. I knew instantly what it was because he taught me to communicate when I was just a baby. And it was a picture of the Shroud of Turin. So as soon as I saw it, I asked my dad, “Was Jesus in your room?” He said, “Yes.” He also said, “I’ll be back,” when he died. His last words out of his mouth said for me to go to work and that he would be back. I’ve never said that before. I couldn’t say it.
same Q: Yeah. The reason why I brought up the subject of religion is because the ancient scriptures of Hinduism has all the details on these UFOs.
PC: Yes! My dad talked about them all the time. The vimanas.
To be continued …
Philip Corso, Jnr is a self-made man born into a military family in Gadsden, Alabama during World War II. His father's Army career took the family to Japan, Italy, Germany and postings in the United States. Phil Corso grew up, married twice and had a daughter and three sons. He parlayed his talent for mechanical engineering into a career and now builds experimental aircraft and runs his company, High Speed Composites. But his life was to take an extraordinary turn in 1997, when the senior Corso, his father, Colonel Philip J. Corso (ret.), published a memoir written with William J. Birnes. That memoir, The Day after Roswell , is easily one of the most controversial and implicative books published in the 20th Century. Now Phil, Jr. has an additional vocation - protecting, extending and validating his father's legacy. Philip J. Corso, Sr. died in July of 1998 at the age of 83. He had made a decision to tell his story as best he could. He spoke eloquently about the need for the United States government to tell the American people about their world. Now his son speaks for him. It is a worthy vocation, the product of which may well be a paradigm change in human affairs and world peace.