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Introduction to Special Edition: Exposing Galactic COINTELPRO 


This Special Edition of the Exopolitics Journal is dedicated to exposing “Galactic COINTELPRO” - a covert military style counter-intelligence program to neutralize and disrupt the national security threat posed information concerning the reality of extraterrestrial life. Controlled by secretly appointed committees in all major nations responsible for developing national policy on extraterrestrial life, Galactic COINTELPRO has evolved over the more than five decades of its secret existence. It has successively targeted individuals and groups with hands-on experience of extraterrestrial life, technology and/or information. Highly targeted groups include extraterrestrial “contactees” who have physically met extraterrestrials; whistleblowers from the military, government and corporate sectors who have worked on extraterrestrial related classified projects; witnesses of UFO/extraterrestrial related phenomena; and researchers of UFOs/extraterrestrial life.

Galactic COINTELPRO’s existence was often hinted at by researchers who since the 1950’s have coined terms such as “Flying Saucer Conspiracy,” “Cosmic Watergate”, “Government Truth Embargo” etc., to describe official efforts to suppress the truth about extraterrestrial life. None of the researchers interested in governmental efforts to counter evidence of extraterrestrial life have identified the full extent of the covert effort by governmental entities to neutralize and disrupt individuals/groups by using military style counter-intelligence efforts. Full blown psychological warfare techniques were used against those involved in disseminating the truth about extraterrestrial life since the early 1950s. The fact that a systematic counter-intelligence effort has been conducted over more than five decades without being fully exposed by researchers of the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon is testimony to the success of Galactic COINTELPRO. It also marks a tragic error by the majority of researchers who became unwitting accomplices to Galactic COIINTELPRO by becoming unofficial gatekeepers of what constituted “genuine” UFO/extraterrestrial research. Furthermore, it needs to be acknowledged that some researchers were very likely secretly co-opted into Galactic COINTELPRO and played prominent roles in its success up to the present day.  For the first time, the full extent of Galactic COINTELPRO is being revealed in this special edition of the Exopolitics Journal.

I introduce the idea of Galactic COINTELPRO in the first article, and describe its inception and development in the U.S. through three stages. Important elements from each stage are fully supported by FOIA documentation that show how Galactic COINTELPRO was used against those with evidence of extraterrestrial life, especially the contactee movement. The first stage involved an intelligence surveillance program run by the FBI and military intelligence branches from the U.S. Air Force and Navy. An “education program” run by the CIA comprised the second stage. It involved “training” the public and mass media in what standards to use in assessing evidence, and debunking reports of UFOs/extraterrestrial life regardless of their merits. Disrupting and neutralizing individuals/groups by counter-intelligence warfare techniques made up the third stage. An interagency group that can be historically traced to the Psychological Strategy Board (formed in 1951, and afterwards renamed several times), along with the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Organization led activities in this final stage of Galactic COINTELPRO.

The second article by British researcher, David Griffin, M.Sc., focuses on the emergence of the contactee movement and its historic repression. Titled, “Engaging Higher Intelligence Agencies in a Post-Roswell Civilization: Expression, repression and mediation,”  He examines some prominent contactees in terms of the revolutionary impact of their information, and how they were targeted by security agencies. Importantly, Griffin uses his academic training in conflict resolution in proposing mediation between the contactees and intelligence agencies whose diverging interests based on spreading/repressing extraterrestrial information comprise an intractable conflict.

“Galactic Diplomacy and Negative Governmental Responses,” the third article, examines the emergences of individuals conducting “citizen’s diplomacy” with extraterrestrial life. Explaining the origins of citizen diplomacy, and historic attempts to repress it through legislation such as the Logan Act, the article reveals how citizen diplomacy has been historically repressed. More disturbingly, it elaborates on the number of experiencers, whistleblowers and researchers that have been harassed and intimidated by intelligence agencies. This even includes the article’s author who had to use a pseudonym over concern of possible retaliation. Importantly, solutions are again sought to a historic problem of governmental suppression of direct human extraterrestrial interactions and dissemination of resulting information.

Alex Collier’s second installment of his previously unpublished 2002 lecture is the fourth article in this Special Edition. He reveals more information about galactic history and the way in which some extraterrestrial civilizations have colonized the Earth and established their own Edens in distinct areas. The efforts of some extraterrestrials to subvert and take over other worlds is also highlighted, as is the need for humanity to deal wisely with different civilizations visiting Earth. He is an example of a contactee who has been targeted by the Galactic COINTELPRO due to the quality of his experiences and the information he has to share.

Grant Cameron’s 2004 X-Conference gives helpful insights into secret military and governmental efforts to disclose the truth about extraterrestrial life. Initiatives undertaken during the Eisenhower, Nixon and Carter administrations to reveal information about extraterrestrials is presented. Cameron shows how media resources are used, when necessary, by the covert agencies responsible for handling and ‘leaking’ extraterrestrial related information. He gives us more of an idea of how the “public education” efforts secretly orchestrated by the CIA and cooperating agencies since the Robertson Panel has been handled.

The final article is the conclusion of a presentation by Philip Corso, Jr., at the 2006 ET Civilizations and World Peace Conference in Hawaii. He goes on the record to reveal more of his father's knowledge and activities concerning extraterrestrial technologies, time travel and extraterrestrial biological entities found in a forthcoming book, never published by his father, Dawn of a New Age. Corso reveals more than he has at any earlier public event since he feels that the general public is more ready to digest the information passed on to him from his father, Phil Corso, Snr. - author of The Day After Roswell (1997). 

The above articles provide a rich source of information on Galactic COINTELPRO. I finish by warmly recommending the upcoming “Earth Transformation: New Science, Consciousness and Contact” conference in Hawaii from May 16-18, 2008.  It features a number of “contactees” who will share the insights and information revealed to them by highly advanced ethical human looking extraterrestrials from our solar system and beyond. I’m honored to announce that Alex Collier will be one of the featured speakers and I also will be presenting on Galactic COINTELPRO, and how it was used to disrupt and neutralize the contactee movement. Conference information at: www.EarthTransformation.com .

The January 2008 Special Edition of the Exopolitics Journal is available at: http://exopoliticsjournal.com/

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Chief Editor, Exopolitics Journal