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Exopolitics Journal, vol. 2, no. 4 (July 2008): 263-370. ISSN 1938-1719


Exopolitics and the Study of Public Policy

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Introduction to Special Edition, "Exopolitics and the Study of Public Policy" (pp. 264-67)
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Michael E. Salla, Ph.D., "Exopolitics: Discipline of Choice for Public Policy Issues Concerning Extraterrestrial life" (pp. 268-83)
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Douglas McClure, M.A.,"Geo-political Considerations on the Roswell Cover-Up and the Emerging field of Exopolitics," (pp. 284-98)
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David Griffin, M.Sc., "Deep Politics, End-Games and Agendas - How Exopolitics Can Offer Avenues to Resolve Population Reduction and Other Eco-Conundrums," (pp. 299-320)
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Grant Cameron, "Glimpses of Disclosure" Part 2 (pp. 321-336)
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Alex Collier, "An Andromedan Perspective on Galactic History" Part 3 (pp. 337-49)
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" Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens, "Extraterrestrial Guides: The Great White Brotherhood in the Andes & Lake Titicaca" (350-370)
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